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iPad sign in system for visitors, students, staff and contractors

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The tiqbiz communication app is a versatile app for broadcasting information to groups. People want to be engaged and a part of their school, club, business or local community even when their daily commitments keep them busy.

The tiqbiz app enables community engagement in a way that’s fast and easy to use. It’s simple and you can connect with as many organisations as you like. As an administrator, tiqbiz offers your lots of advanced technical features to dramatically save you time in managing your communications.

The most popular uses for tiqbiz are:
• Education as a school app
• Clubs to keep members informed
• Scouts, Girl Guides and other groups
• Associations to channel information to club leaders
• Business to send up-to-date information to staff and contractors
• Council and local government to enhance community involvement

Join over 1000 schools, clubs and businesses using tiqbiz today!

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