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tiqbiz is the premium communication app that gives you advanced online tools, so you can deliver exceptional communications to your community.

  • Advanced Newsfeed
  • Scheduled push alerts
  • Language translation
  • Intelligent calendar

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tiqbiz is an app that adapts to any environment


Using tiqbiz as a school app, you’ll find a wide range of easy to use school mobile app features at your fingertips. Developed specifically to enhance your connection with your school community, tiqbiz will deliver a powerful solution to your school communication requirements. More than just a school communication app, it can assist in the management of absences/attendance, replace paper permission forms with electronically signed forms and enrich the parent’s involvement in the school’s curriculum and activities.


The tiqbiz club app gives you the tools to keep members fully informed. With fast and efficient communication to club members so vital to running a great club, the tiqbiz app provides you with technology to achieve this, whilst also offering a platform for fixtures, timetables and sponsors. tiqbiz will give you the tools to manage club social events, sporting events, news and immediate notifications across the whole club, specific groups, or to an individual member. An absolutely vital addition to any well managed club.


Communicate directly to your business network using the tiqbiz app as a business network and/or staff communication app. You can tailor your information to groups and sub groups within your network, with the allowance of separate streams and private connections. It’s ideal for keeping your business network, both internal and external, well informed on news and events. You will also find tiqbiz will become a welcome addition to your online marketing mix complimenting customer portals, direct email campaigns and social media programs.

Lots of easy to use features

tiqbiz has been specifically designed to efficiently manage group and community communication requirements.

With automated processes and packed full of easy to use features you’ll find yourself with the world’s most advanced communication tools at your finger tips.

Paired with a brilliant support team, tiqbiz will partner you on your journey to amazing communications.

Join over 700 schools, clubs and businesses using tiqbiz today!

Instant Messages, News & Alerts

tiqbiz has been specifically designed to shortcut many time consuming communication tasks.

Advanced Newsfeed

For simplicity, all your posted information is viewed in one place, the newsfeed. The newsfeed shows, in date order, all your posted messages, pdfs, images, response forms, videos and even voice recordings; making it easy for people know where to find things.

Targeted Communication

Send a push notification to a select group of people or everyone connected to you. To ensure the right people get the message, tiqbiz lets you target a specific group of people within your community.

Send Securely

The tiqbiz communication app has an optional security function to protect your information with a password. You can password protect each box individually, meaning separate groups can have access to separate types of information. Simply advise each group of the passwords and they use it to connect with the information they need.

Self Managed Lists

There is no managing of phone numbers or email lists. Each person registers, then simply ticks on information they want to receive. And should they need to, they'll also find it easy to change their selection at any stage.

Scheduled Push Alerts

Plan ahead by scheduling push notifications to be sent at a future date. You have complete control over when posts are sent, just type in all your communications once and tiqbiz will take care of the rest.

Language Translation

The tiqbiz language translation tool helps people who’s first language is not English. With the click of a button, your message can be understood in over 90 different languages. You post in a particular language and people simply select their preferred language to read it in.

Intelligent Calendar

You won’t need to keep track of upcoming events and reminders, tiqbiz let’s everybody know what’s on and when with reminder messages.

Events Calendar

You won’t need to keep track of upcoming events and reminders, tiqbiz let’s everybody know what’s on and when with reminder messages automatically dispatched before each event; keeping everyone accurately informed on all planned activities.
• Automatic reminder notifications 24 hours before each calendar event.
• Add to your personal calendar.
• Language translation option.
• Post images to your calendar event.
• Colour coding for event types.

Add to your personal calendar

People can easily transfer events from the tiqbiz calendar to their own to improve management of planned activities.

Navigation to Events

Your calendar event includes a pin pointed Google map with real-time voice navigation to the event venue using our get directions feature.

Online payments with Qkr!™ by MasterCard®

The most advanced school online payments package.

Qkr!™ by MasterCard® is proud to be working in conjunction with tiqbiz, the school communication app. Together we deliver the most advanced and the most competitive online payment and communication system to schools in Australia.

The tiqbiz and Qkr! apps have been integrated features to provide a very convenient way for parents and carers stay informed and to make a wide range of payments fast and efficiently.

To find out more about Qkr! click here.

Flexible Integration

Easy integration with all your documents and online services.

Easy to use buttons on your home screen are customised to integrate with a wide range of 3rd party services such as School Interviews, QKR, Canteen and Uniform price lists, Caremonkey and a whole lot more.

Other simple integration options include buttons on your app home screen to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Further integration includes the ability to push your tiqbiz posts directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in one action.

We also have a WordPress plugin or developers API, that will seamlessly link tiqbiz to your WordPress website, allowing you to manage communications from one location.

tiqbiz admin app

Send messages with photo’s from anywhere, anytime.

This specially designed admin app allows staff to post messages on the move. It's so easy to use the advanced features that lets you take photos or videos on your phone or tablet, add a message and post it straight to tiqbiz.

It's ideal for keeping people up to date, wherever you are. It also has additional functions to control shared admin management. You can have "contributors" post "draft only" content where a top level admin must approve it before it's made live. You can also limit which person posts to which box.

Tiqbiz admin is a free app that is included with the tiqbiz package.


the upgrade package that includes one2one and 2Way


A unique tool that replaces SMS and lets you send instant messages to individual people. It’s so easy to use. You send a message from the admin area to a person, and they receive a push notification directly to their phone, tablet or computer which they can read immediately. There is also a suite of admin features showing information like who’s connected to each of your boxes and who’s reading your information.

• View a total list of connected people.
• View which group each person is connected to.
• Monitor who has read their messages.
• Disconnect a person from a group.
• Send an instant message to an individual person.
• No SMS costs as it sends web services.
• Control the instant message conversation with no reply or reply function.


Enjoy the speed and convenience of electronic forms with 2way. The wide range of forms makes it easy for people to respond and submit information digitally. Simply insert the required 2way form into the newsfeed and people can complete and send their response.

2way includes electronic signature, an advanced feature that gives people the ability to sign forms directly onto their phone or tablet using their finger. Once signed, they can send the signed form straight back and you can view a complete log of all responses in your admin area.

Standard forms include:
• Signed form with electronic signature.
• Signed absence form.
• Volunteer application.
• Contact form.
• Staff participation response.
• Read Receipts for urgent messages, such as school closure alerts.

People everywhere are 'Appy' with tiqbiz

Read some feedback from our tiqbiz customers below

Tiqbiz has been a wonderful support as we set up our new school of St Clare's. It has given us an effective way to keep in contact with our families and keep them updated on various information items including the construction progress of our school.

Andrew Leighton
Principal, St Clare's Catholic Primary School

I could not recommend tiqbiz highly enough, the product is excellent, the customer service is outstanding, and they are always anticipating what schools may need next with product improvements and new initiatives!

Mary Hannett
Business Manager, Chandler Park Primary School

Screen Shots

Below are a few examples of how you will look in tiqbiz

An advanced system with No Setup Costs

30 Day Free Trial

We offer a 30 day free trial that will be ready for you the very next day.
Simply email us your organisation name and type (e.g Primary School, Tennis Club etc) and we'll send you back the details to your trial account. This account is a full feature account and you may include users in the trial if you wish. During your trial, you’ll enjoy full access to all Apple, Android and Windows phones, tablets and computers for a complete user experience.

There are no set-up fees and a dedicated staff member will personally manage your entire sign up process.

Simply send us your details and we'll have your new trial account ready for you within a couple of days!

To get setup fast, email or call tiqbiz on 03 9800 1489



Early Learning: $300 ex gst per year
Small School (less than 150 students): $300 ex gst per year
Primary School: $450 ex gst per year
Secondary School: $650 ex gst per year
P-12 School: $650 ex gst per year


All Clubs: $300 ex gst per year


All Businesses: POA

In today’s fast changing world of technology, tiqbiz is constantly updated and improved to ensure the app is always in sync with all software operating systems. Being one app, everyone using tiqbiz receives all updates simultaneously. Exceptional and personal service is our guarantee to you. Staff and parents will benefit from the smooth, uninterrupted tiqbiz experience.

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Check out some of our store reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
A brilliant app. Keeps the whole community connected.

by Nanny luvs Brodie <3 Oct 01, 2014
Apple App Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Great communication. Easy to find info and manage day to day news.

by Rovena Shahollari Dec 04, 2014
Google Play Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Awesome! Great way to quickly keep in touch with events at school, note absence, canteen list, no paperwork yay!

by Nattydzrl Sep 02, 2014
Apple App Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Makes life so much easier to keep up to date with everything that is happening with the school. And its at my finger tips 24 hours a day. Is great when kids are at camp or excursion for return to school times.

by Kristy Cahill Nov 21, 2014
Google Play Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Great app to keep in touch with school. Very happy with this app. Especially like the function where photos of school excursions/activities can be shared from a mobile.

by +meg+ Aug 28, 2014
Apple App Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Allows us to view messages when we have to do school pickup. As we are the grandparents and we have to travel from Eltham to Mooraduc ,we need current info.

by Dorothy Martin Nov 18, 2014
Google Play Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Best ever! Helps me stay in touch with our school on a daily basis. What could be better!

by Ndulxyd Aug 25, 2014
Apple App Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Handy! Makes school newsletters so much easier. No more getting lost in the bottom of the school bag.

by Tim Offoa Nov 12, 2014
Google Play Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Awesome! Great way to receive communication from my kids school while I'm on the run. Never misses a beat!

by Maxthedo9 Aug 06, 2014
Apple App Store

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Handy app for busy parents. This app has made it very easy to manage housekeeping issues with my children's school and daycare. The the Absences function is particularly useful. Highly recommended for busy households.

by Youna Angevin-Castro Nov 06, 2014
Google Play Store

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